Meter Socket Installation and Replacement
in Irwin, PA

What is an Electric Meter Socket?

The electric meter socket, also called the meter box, is where the meter plugs in. Meter sockets are usually installed on the outside of a building, and are for the utility company to see how much electricity a home or business uses per month. While meter sockets are built to last for decades, there is always the chance that weather or other elements can damage them. If you need a meter socket installed or replaced, call Don Young Electric at (724) 925-0225 today. Our electricians will correctly and safely install a new meter socket in no time.

Understanding the Different Types of Meter Sockets

When installing or replacing a meter socket, it is important to know what type you need. Sockets are available in ring or ringless styles. Ring-style sockets increase user safety by covering the inside of the panel, and provide a barrier between you and exposed wires. Ringless sockets do not provide the added measure of safety, but are convenient for electricians because they can see into the panel to ensure everything is working, and that no tools were accidentally left inside. These styles also use different bypasses, so when looking to install or replace the socket, be sure to know the correct type before making any purchases. Your electric company may also have a preference as to which type of socket works best in the area. If you are not sure what type you have or how to replace it, trust the professionals of Don Young Electric to safely complete the job for you.

Commercial Meter Socket Replacement for Irwin-Area Businesses

Don Young Electric replaces and installs new meter sockets for businesses in Irwin, PA, and the surrounding areas. Keeping customers and employees safe is a business owner’s number one priority. Be sure that your electric meter box is up to code, and that it is working correctly to hold the meter in place. If you suspect that your meter box needs looked over or replaced, contact Don Young Electric today. We provide 24/7 emergency service to Westmoreland County.