Reduce Energy Costs
with Commercial Lighting Retrofits

What is a Commercial Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit adds new components to old fixtures and bulbs, making them more energy-efficient. Retrofitted lamps and fixtures emit less heat, and improves lighting in a building or parking lot. If you are looking for ways to cut your business’s energy bill and use, a lighting retrofit may be for you. Don Young Electric offers commercial retrofits to businesses in Greensburg, PA, and the surrounding Westmoreland County areas. Call us today at (724) 925-0225 for a free estimate.

What is the Difference Between Relamping and Retrofitting?

Relamping is simply replacing the lamp, usually as a group. Relamping multiple lamps at once is a more affordable way to keep lighting fixtures on the same schedule, and therefore providing more even light. Retrofitting changes the components in lamps and ballasts in order to upgrade the technology of the fixture. Retrofitting saves on energy and maintenance costs, while relamping works to keep bulbs from burning out individually.

Advantages of Lighting Retrofits for Businesses in Greensburg, PA

Some business owners may not see the value that lighting retrofits will add to their business. Not only does retrofitting cut energy and maintenance costs drastically, but it adds to safety, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Most customers, and even employees, do not want to walk through dimly lit parking lots or stores, especially late at night. Better lighting will also make customers more inclined to look at products and increases sales. Although the initial cost of a retrofit may be intimidating, the project pays for itself in the long run. In some cases, businesses may even be eligible for a rebate.

How to Tell if Your Business Needs a Lighting Retrofit

Sometimes, a complete retrofit is not necessary, and a relamping will suffice. However, if you are interested in reducing energy costs, or if your building’s lighting system is older, it may be time to look into getting a lighting retrofit. It may also be beneficial to take a look into maintenance costs, and how your lighting is effecting your business’s budget. By upgrading your lighting system, you will be surprised at the automatic savings on electricity and maintenance.

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Don Young Electric in Greensburg, PA, offers commercial lighting retrofits to businesses in Westmoreland County. Contact us today to begin planning your retrofit, and to start cutting down energy costs.