Circuit Breaker Panel Installation and Repair
in Greensburg, PA

What is a Circuit Breaker Panel?

A circuit breaker panel is what distributes electricity to circuits in your home. The panel has, usually, two rows of breakers. These breakers control different circuits in the home. Breakers have different amounts of power for different things, including lighting fixtures and larger appliances. Panels also contain a main breaker, that shuts off all circuits at once. When installing or repairing a circuit breaker or panel, it is best to trust professional electricians, as the panels contain at least 200 amps of power behind them. Don Young Electric in Greensburg, PA, installs and repairs circuit breaker panels throughout Westmoreland County. Call us today at (724) 925-0225 for a free estimate.

Trust Don Young Electric to Install and Repair Circuit Breaker Panels

Circuit breakers may fail for various reasons. Sometimes, the panel is tripped too many times, causing it to stop working all together. Weather and constantly flipping breakers can also lead to failure of a breaker or the whole panel. No matter the reason, you can trust Don Young Electric to have your circuit breaker panel working again in no time. With over 44 years of experience, our electricians work diligently to get the job done safely and correctly. Breaking open a circuit breaker panel is dangerous, and certified electricians should be the only one to do the job for you.

Surge Protectors to Defend Breakers from High Voltage

To further protect your appliances from surges after a tripped breaker, have a surge protector installed with your electric box. These surge protectors keep all appliances in your home safe when lightning or other elements strike. When struck with high-voltage, many appliances cannot take the amount of power. Keep your appliances and your home safe by contacting Don Young Electric to install a home surge protector. We proudly serve Greensburg, PA; Irwin, PA; New Stanton, PA; and the surrounding areas.